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Archives / January 2022
3 January 2022 By Roger Kennedy roger@TheCork.ie Image Link (CC0 License) As the ongoing pandemic continues to create disruptions around the world, there’s one industry that seems unaffected by everything that’s going on. Yes, eCommerce businesses are thriving, and they have been ever since the start of 2020. Millions of people were forced indoors with... Read More
2 January 2022 By Tony Forde tony@TheCork.ie Local authorities nationwide are preparing for recycling of Christmas trees Cork City Council area Cork City Council will provide facilities for the acceptance of real (wooden) Christmas trees for recycling from householders in Cork City. Christmas trees may be deposited free of charge at any of the 7... Read More
1 January 2022 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage’s third volume of the popular “Clonakilty Historical and Archaeological Journal” is now available at local outlets costing €10. It contains 12 excellent articles examining different aspects of local history and built heritage, focusing on the seventeenth to twentieth centuries, as well as many interesting photos... Read More