Cork Labour Party gearing up for election

2 October 2010
By Tom Collins

Labour Women are gathering in Cork today to prepare for the general election to build on Labour’s surging support, as again confirmed by the most recent opinion poll.

‘As part of the election activities Labour’s women are gathering in Cork for a Skills Seminar.
This event is part of the story of Labour’s growth in both membership and talent.

‘The Labour Party membership has grown strongly and women now form 37% of the membership. Women in the party form a big chunk of the membership, which makes them a valuable asset both in terms of political activism and candidate talent. Labour’s women are offered training to further build a party in which women play a key part’ , comments Katherine Dunne Labour Women Chair.

‘Labour recognises the talents of women and their role in political activism. This seminar gives the women skills which harness that talent.

‘Labour Women invite women to join the Labour Party and be part of the political activism which is now needed more than ever. In Cork City Labour is working to win four seats, including two women Kathleen Lynch TD and Cllr Paula Desmond. With the very balanced ticket with Ciaran Lynch TD and Cllr John Gilroy Labour has a formidable team in Cork.

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