Cork South Central Labour Party to select candidates for General Election

The Cork South Central Labour Party is to select two candidates for the forthcoming General Election, at a selection convention tonight:

8pm, Thursday, 07 October 2010
Rochestown Park Hotel
Rochestown Rd, Cork

The meeting will be chaired by Labour Party Deputy Leader, Joan Burton. The two nominees for selection are Ciaran Lynch TD and Cllr Paula Desmond.

Deputy Lynch said: “As we face into the next election, the electorate are looking, not just a change of Government, but for a change in the way Ireland is governed.

“For that to happen we must offer the public the chance to elect the greatest ever number of Labour TDs, and so that we can put in place, a Labour led government.

“It is our strategy in Cork South Central to provide the public with an opportunity for real change at the next election.”

Cllr Desmond said: “We are currently going through times of unprecedented economic turmoil, but there is an opportunity, when the worst of this recession passes, to build a new Ireland.

“Labour believes that we need a new Ireland, built on the principles of looking after the needy, rather than the greedy. There is no appetite to go back to the bad old days.

“Labour wants to offer people the opportunity for genuine and far-reaching change, which is why we will be looking to secure two seats in Cork South Central in the forthcoming election.”

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