Cork could be flooded again says Fine Gael TD

ALMOST a year after floods devastated Cork city centre causing an estimated €100 million worth of damage to homes and businesses, repairs have not even begun to the damaged quay walls in the city centre according to local TD Bernard Allen.

The Fine Gael TD said, “It is almost a year now since floods devastated the city centre and incredibly nothing has been done to prevent it happening again. Even the existing quay walls have not been repaired leaving the city at the mercy of floodwaters yet again.

“There are real fears now among residents and businesses that we may see a repeat of last year’s flooding. Only last week there was a flood warning issued due to tidal flooding though thankfully no serious damage occurred on that occasion.

“Many people cannot now get insurance following the floods of last year and the Government are leaving then at the mercy of the elements. Right now many properties are even more vulnerable now than they were then due to the damaged quay walls.

“This situation cannot be allowed to continue. Minister Martin Mansergh must instruct the OPW to act immediately. There is no more time for studies; people need protection now as we enter the winter months.

“The fact that almost a year after the floods nothing has been done is shameful. The people of Cork are being treated with contempt by Fianna Fáil and have been completely failed by their local government TDs,” he said.

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