Mick Barry unhappy with FF TD

Socialist Party Cllr Mick Barry, Cork City Council

24th November 2011
By Bryan Smyth

Socialist Party Cllr Barry said this morning: “Noel O’Flynn is fooling no-one with his performance as the Government TD who is going to stand up to the Government. He has no right to be upset about his being misled by the Taoiseach when for 13 years he himself has been a Government TD supporting governments which misled the whole country in the interests of a cabal of bankers, developers and wealthy men. If he had made half as much fuss about saving the jobs of a quarter of a million workers who’ve been put on the dole as he is currently making about saving his own job he might have a bit more credibility.”

Cllr Barry added: “The low paid are being told today that the minimum wage is to be slashed; the unemployed are being told today that the dole is being cut, and householders are being told today that water tax and tax on the family home are on the way. These people do indeed need bare knuckle boxers to represent them in the Dail but Noel O’Flynn won’t be in their corner because he supports all these measures.”
Cllr Barry said that Deputy O’Flynn should now be offered a job in Cork’s Christmas pantomime stating: “This would serve a dual purpose. For starters, I am sure he would be very good at it. And secondly, it would help train Noel in for a new job because I think he might be out of his current one by springtime.”

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