Flood warning for Citry

According to Cork City Council the natural cycle of High Tides for the following days is predicted as follows :

Saturday 19th February 2011 06.04 18.24

Sunday 20th February 2011 06.47 19.06

A tidal surge & strong south to south easterly winds are predicted for Sunday morning. These factors combined will increase the tide levels over the natural tide levels at that time.

During this period there is a danger of Tidal Flooding in the City. It is possible that flooding may occur in the low lying areas of the City Centre including South Terrace, Trinity Bridge, Cotter Street, Stable Lane, Union Quay, Morrison’s Quay, Crosses Green, French’s Quay, Wandesford Quay, Lavitt’s Quay, Kyrl’s Street & Kyrl’s Quay.

Householders and businesses should take Precautionary Measures to protect property.

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