Population of Cork City and County is up – Census 2011

The first results of the 2011 census, held just 12 weeks ago, were released today and show that Ireland’s population is growing strongly, primarily due to a high number of births.

Population The total population of Ireland, enumerated on census night 10th April, was 4,581,269, an increase of 341,421 (8.1%) on the 2006 census. The population of Cork was recorded at 518,128 (256,970 males and 261,158 females).

Strong Population Growth The population change varied widely across the country with the highest percentage increase in County Laois (20%), more than twice the rate for the State as a whole. The population of Cork increased by 7.7%. In Cork county, which had the second largest population of all counties in Ireland, the population grew by 10.3%, however the population of Cork City showed a decrease of 0.4% or 506 persons since the 2006 census.

More females than males. In a reversal of the situation in 2006, when there were slightly more males than females, there are now more females than males in Ireland, with 981 males for every 1,000 females. This is also true of Cork where females outnumber males, with a ratio of 984 males per 1,000 females.

Vacant Dwellings The number of vacant dwellings countrywide has increased by 10.5%, although vacancy rates have dropped slightly, from 15% to 14.7%, due to a 13.3% increase in the total number of dwellings. In Cork the figures show a total of 33,796 vacant dwellings and a vacancy rate of 14.8%.

The results published today show population changes for geographical areas including counties, constituencies and right down to Electoral Divisions. “The information is available for 3,440 areas.

Census 2011 was held on Sunday, April 10th..

Census 2011 was the 26th census. The first was carried out in 1821. There    was a Census every ten years up to 1946 (with a gap between 1911 and    1926) and every five years since 1951. A new EU regulation means that    there will be a Census in every EU country in 2011.

The  preliminary  results  are  the  initial  count  of the census. Further   results  will  be  released in different phases as they become available   during 2012, commencing with the Principal Demographic Results due to be   published in March 2012.

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