Customs seize cigarettes in Cork

As part of ongoing operations aimed at the prevention of the sale and distribution of unstamped tobacco products in the Cork area, Officers from Revenue’s Customs Service made a number of significant seizures at the weekend.

On Saturday (10/12/11) a male and female were detected selling unstamped cigarettes in the Cork city area from their vehicle. The vehicle (a family saloon) was seized along with 4,600 cigarettes. The vehicle was also detected with agricultural diesel in the fuel tank.

In Cork Airport on Saturday (10/12/11), a total of 16,500 cigarettes were seized from a number of individuals arriving on holiday flights from abroad. The seizures were a result of routine profiling.

On Sunday (11/12/11), also as a result of routine profiling, an Eastern European registered vessel was boarded and searched. 12,000 undeclared cigarettes were discovered on board and the vessel is currently detained.

Among the brands seized over the weekend were “Bon”, “L&M”, “Marlboro”, “CK”, “Superkings” and “Gold Classic”. The total value of the cigarettes seized is EUR15,000 and the estimated loss to the exchequer.

Files are being prepared in all cases for the DPP.

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