The results of a national survey, conducted by DHI Hair Restoration about the level of hair loss experienced by Irish men have highlighted that 45% of young Cork men (under 30) claim to be experiencing hair loss. The survey also revealed the extent of the psychological impact of male hair loss with 69% of those surveyed claiming that their confidence is badly affected, particularly in social situations due to the issue.****

The survey highlights that hair loss concerns a high proportion of Irish men at a relatively young age and a massive 78% of those surveyed in Cork feel less attractive to the opposite sex as a result of hair loss. Interestingly however the survey highlighted that 18% of Cork men believe that looks are the most important factor in attracting members of the opposite sex with an optimistic 73% relying on their personality and claiming it to be the most important factor. ****

Some of the key findings of the national survey highlight that:****

**· **75% of under 35’s feel less attractive to the opposite sex due to hair loss****

**· **49% of men who experience hair loss do so before they reach 30 ****

**· **49% of under 35s would seek treatment for their hairloss if their partner wanted them to****

**· **8 in 10 men report their father also suffers hair loss****

Justin Foley, Operations Manager of DHI Hair Restoration based in the Beacon Medical Campus spoke about the results, “The findings of this hair loss survey highlight that a significant number of young Irish men are experiencing hair loss. Hair loss has always been an issue which affects men’s confidence in a number of areas, both socially and at work. However, what we’ve noticed is that in recent years Irish men are less willing to accept permanent hair loss as something that they must live with. Many men now recognise that there are now permanent treatments for hair loss that can yield fantastic results. We offer a minimally invasive treatment that has excellent results, enabling our patients to experience dramatic results in a short space of time. I would urge anyone out there struggling with confidence issues resulting from hair loss to investigate their options, as there are treatments available out there”.****

The survey highlights that people recognise that genetics do play a huge part in hair loss with 3 in 4 of those surveyed claiming it also affected other close members of their family and 79% citing their father as also being affected. 49% of under 35’s surveyed claimed that influence or pressure from their partner would influence them to seek treatment for the issue, while only 5% claim that they would be motivated to seek treatment, based on celebrity endorsement. ****

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