Spike Island is still open – says County Council

Cork County Council is providing a special discounted offer to Visitors
during 2013. Visitors can travel to the Island from as little as €8
per adult / €5 per child.

To encourage visitors to travel to Spike Island during 2013 there will be
no fee to enter Spike Island or Fort Mitchel with the only fee being the
ferry charge which offers outstanding value for a great day out. Bring
the kids, bring your dog, have a picnic, stroll around the Island and
enjoy the stunning views over Cork Harbour – this is really a wonderful
opportunity at very discounted prices.

For 2013, a far more regular ferry service will be available from Sunday
14th April. The ferry will depart from Kennedy Pier in Cobh every
Sunday during April at 12 noon and again at 2pm.

As the weather heats up and we head into the summer days hopefully, a
ferry service will be provided on both Saturday and Sunday in May at the
same times of 12 noon and 2pm.

From June onwards, a daily ferry service will be available at 12 noon and
2pm daily. In addition to the ferry departing from Cobh, from 1st June
onwards, the Ferry Service will stop at Monkstown at 12.15pm each day
to allow visitors to access the ferry.

A new feature for 2013 will be the opportunity for visitors to travel to the
Island without being part of a tour guided group. This will allow visitors
to travel to the Island to explore it unguided at their own pace and view
what the Island has to offer.

On the Island, visitors have the opportunity to walk along the recently
opened walkway around the perimeter of the Fort which offers unique
views of the harbour and the fort. You can also marvel at the architecture
and expanse of Fort Mitchel, visit the Convict Cells or relax in the Island

So for a great day out with your friends or for a great family day out, the
prices are very reasonable. The reduced fees for 2013 are:-

• €8 per adult
• €5 per child
• €20 per family of 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children

If a visitor would like a guided tour of the Island and get to learn all about
the Island’s vast history, visit the gun emplacement with the fully restored
6 inch guns and stop off during your tour for a hot coffee at the Island’s
cafe, they can avail of this by booking directly through the Guided Tour
Operators, Titanic Trails (www.titanic.ie/tours)

Spike Island is also an ideal location and learning environment for School
Tour Groups. For 2013, the County Council has worked closely with
the Teachers Groups and the Teachers group have devised a tour of Spike
Island for teachers of Junior classes at Primary School Level.


This tour provides the teacher with a series of alternative experiences
that involve: Senses, Actions, Games, Music & Poetry, Stories, Drama,
Stories, Nature Trail, Literacy & Numeracy options. It is a template that
provides the teacher with opportunities to include whatever experiences
the teacher wishes to emphasise so that each trip to Spike Island is
fresh, exciting, and is individually geared to the particular needs of your
particular class.

It is the first in a series of ‘Tours of the Island’ which are intended to
excite wonder, inform the students and make the visit to Spike Island one
that will stimulate the imagination and live for long in their memories.

The ferry service can also be booked for groups who wish to travel to
Spike Island – pick ups can be done from either Cobh or Monkstown. For
enquiries, please call 021 4811485

For further details on the revised Ferry Schedule visit



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