Chair of Cork City JPC welcomes Garda recruitment

13th December 2013 4.30am
By Bryan T. Smyth

Cork City Cllr Tony Fitzgerald (FF) chair of the Cork City Joint
Policing Committee has welcomed the commencement of garda recruitment
after a five year ban on recruitment.

Cllr Fitzgerald stated that this is a very positive step and It is
important now to ensure that the very successful programmes under the
Garda Community Relations and juvenile liaison scheme are ring fenced
and increased in areas across the city where An Garda Síochána need
extra resources within the new recruitment programme.

“I want to pay tribute to all the members of An garda Siochana here in
cork, said Cllr Fitzgerald, they are highly respected within the
communities they serve and I admire their commitment and dedication to
the people they serve. They act daily, with the needs of the people at
heart and have been very flexible while under severe pressure to meet
the demands of the public in recent years which has to be
acknowledged.Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald.

I understand that over 27,000 people had expressed an interest in
joining the Gardai and that advertisements would be placed in
newspapers soon. This huge interest is an an endorsement of the role
of An Garda Siochana in this country and the successful applicants
which will joining a highly professional organisation concluded,

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