Cork Chamber reveals stats for 2013

14th December 2013, Saturday

  • Certified over 16,000 export related documents, enabling companies to trade globally.
    Held close to 70 events, helping businesses to connect and network.
  • Welcomed international delegations through our Enterprise Europe Network from Austria, Australia, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, growing connections worldwide.
  • Trained over 700 people through the Business School @ Cork Chamber, upskilling and increasing member’s knowledge.
  • Produced 11 Chamberlink magazines and over 80 email communications, keeping members up-to-date with business news.
    Reached over 5,000 followers on Twitter, growing our social media presence online.
  • In excess of 50 media releases, 15 policy submissions, 8 surveys and 50 representative meetings, communicating the key issues and needs of members to politicians, policy makers and funding authorities.


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