Slash Gas and Electricity Prices says Cork City Cllr

12th January 2015
By Elaine Murphy

Cork City Anti Austerity Alliance Councillor Mick Barry this morning
claimed that a “privatisation agenda” was preventing massive cuts in
heating and lighting prices for households around the country.

Councillor Barry said that the price of crude oil has fallen by more
than 50% in recent months and that the price of wholesale gas has
fallen by 27% yet there has been no slashing of household electricity
bills and household heating bills.

Cllr Barry said that the Government were operating a “privatisation
agenda” for gas and electricity and that cost savings are not being
passed on so that utilities can be “fattened up” for privatisation by
increasing their profits.

His comments came as the Consumers Association called for a Government
investigation into the refusal to pass on savings and the British
Government comes under pressure to investigate profiteering by energy

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