Cork County Council named as ‘Lead Authority’ for Waste Enforcement in Southern Region

13 October 2015
By Bryan T. Smyth


Following a competitive bid Cork County Council has been appointed as the ‘Lead Authority’ for Waste Enforcement in the Southern Region.

The Southern Region extends from Counties Kerry and Clare on the west coast to County Wexford on the east coast, and includes the Counties of Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford, Carlow and Kilkenny and includes Cork City.

Cork County Council will now take on the responsibility of co-ordinating and overseeing the enforcement of waste regulation on behalf of all 10 local authorities in this large region thereby ensuring a consistent and equitable approach is taken to providing a “level playing field” for all stakeholders in the industry.

Following the publication in 2012 of “Putting People First” government policy has been moving towards the delivery of certain public services on a regional basis. The Regional Framework recognises 3 no. regions, Southern Region, Connaught/Ulster Region, and the East/Midlands Region. Government waste policy as outlined in “A Resource Opportunity” 2012 recognises that to protect Ireland’s environment and the health of its citizens, a consistent and effective approach to enforcement of the regulatory framework is required.

“In selecting Cork County Council to be the Lead Authority for enforcing waste regulation in the Southern Region, the Department of the Environment and other statutory bodies such as the EPA recognise the expertise and commitment that has been developed in our waste enforcement team over the last number of years” said Chief Executive Tim Lucey. “ I have no doubt the enforcement team will work effectively with other local authorities and statutory bodies to meet the challenges of the waste industry and deal with them in a pro active manner” he said.

Sharon Corcoran Director of Environmental Services welcomed the news that her team has been selected to fulfil this critical role. “The optimum structures will now be in place to deliver the best possible outcomes in terms of waste enforcement across the Southern Region, and I look forward to working with the enforcement team and the industry stakeholders in meeting the challenges that lie ahead” she said.

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