Buttimer welcomes reforms in Cork City Council housing department

10 December 2015
By Tom Collins

Fine Gael TD for Cork South Central, Jerry Buttimer, has said that changes implemented in the housing department in Cork City Council will ensure that the use of available funding is maximised.


Deputy Buttimer was commenting following a meeting with the Chief Executive of Cork City Council and members of the management team in the Housing Department.

“When I received answers recently from the Minister for the Environment to my questions about the use of housing funding in Cork I was concerned to find out that not all of the available funding had been used.

“Since then I have met with the Chief Executive of Cork City Council and members of the management team in the housing department. I have been assured that changes have been made in how housing funding is managed and used in the city. These welcome changes will ensure that the available funding will be used to the fullest possible extent, to help the people of Cork.

“Issues remain about how money is allocated by the Department and I will bring these concerns back to the Ministers and ask that greater flexibility is given to the housing department.

“I’m very happy to say that the management team have informed me that this year alone the City council will put more than 300 empty housing units back into use. This is a huge advance and it is down to changed practices and the excellent work of the entire team in the housing department.

“When it comes to doing repairs and fixing voids we must look at how we achieve best value for money and benefit as many people as possible. The money available to the city council is limited so it is necessary to look at how we get the most out of every cent. The priority must be to deliver the greatest number of adaptations for people with disabilities and to reinstate the largest possible number of empty units each year.

“Shortly I will be discussing with the Ministers at the Department of the Environment the progress and changes that have been made in Cork City Council. I will also ask how we can change the allocation of money for housing adaptations so that we meet the needs of those most in need.”

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