Cork’s 364 hackney drivers can now apply to join the Hailo network

17 December 2015
By Tom Collins


Cork’s 364 Hackney drivers are now able to join the Hailo network, as Hailo announces that it is extending its current service and is recruiting regional SPSV Hackney drivers to supplement its nationwide service.

Hailo has recorded over 10 million passenger journeys across the country since beginning operations three years ago. This year, Hailo drivers will clock up 5 million journeys, with the service moving up to 45,000 passengers nationwide every day.

HailoPay is now live. It’s a secure mobile payment gateway for passengers to pay for taxi journeys hailed off the street. It means that passengers can easily pay for their taxi and hackney journeys via card and don’t have to divert their journeys via a cashpoint. For drivers, they have a quick and elegant payment solution and no longer have to install bulky or expensive card reading machines.

Andrew Pinnington, CEO of Hailo said:

“At Hailo, our service is expanding, our technology is constantly advancing, and our customer numbers are growing every day. Reaching 10 million journeys in Ireland is a significant milestone jointly owned by our dedicated drivers, Hailo’s own staff, and our customers. We are looking forward to further scaling Hailo in Ireland with the launch of HailoPay and the extension of our service to hackneys.”

Tim Arnold, Hailo Ireland’s General Manager said:

“We are calling on SPSV drivers across Ireland, including Cork’s 364 Hackney drivers, to get in touch if they are interested in joining the Hailo Network. Hailo is part of a movement that wants innovation and regulation in Ireland’s SPSV industry, and convenience and safety for our passengers. Hailo customers can pre book jobs, make desktop bookings and pay with card or cash. Our drivers go through some of the most stringent background and local knowledge tests in the world. Hailo plays by the regulatory rules, and always operates on the side of the passenger. With this philosophy, we believe we can continue to lead the taxi market in Ireland, and position for further rapid growth across the country.”

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