Green Party to run candidates in ALL of Cork’s 5 constituencies

9 January 2016
By Elaine Murphy

The Green Party have confirmed the names of their candidates in Cork

The candidates are:

  • Lorna Bogue, Cork South Central
  • Natasha Harty, Cork East
  • Cormac Manning, Cork North West
  • Oliver Moran, Cork North Central
  • Johnny O’Mahony, Cork South West

Eamon Ryan, leader of the Green Party, will speak next week at a campaign launch in the Bodega, Cornmarket St., Cork on Tuesday, 12 January at 2pm.

Below are profiles of the candidates provided by their agent.

Lorna Bogue (Cork South Central)

Lorna Bogue is a first time candidate for the Green Party in Cork South Central.

Lorna is 24 and graduated from UL in 2014 with a degree in Irish Music and Dance.

As an election candidate Lorna is standing on the platforms of making a more people-centred economy, taking tough action on climate change to prevent flooding, and protecting people who are suffering as a result of flooding. This can be done with a state insurance scheme and adequate flood defences for Cork.

Lorna is also deeply passionate about human rights and will be campaigning for repeal of the 8th amendment, the end of direct provision and closing the inequality gap. As part of this platform, if elected, Lorna will be giving €25,000 of her TD’s wage per annum to community projects in the constituency.

Natasha Harty (Cork East)

Natasha Harty’s main concerns coming into the 2016 general election are firstly that the new government should show strong and decisive leadership in tackling Ireland’s large per capita carbon footprint and secondly, that the EU Commission negotiated international treaties, TTIP, CETA and TiSA should NOT be ratified.

A third local concern for Cork Harbour and East Cork is the imminent probability of Indaver making a new application for an incinerator in Ringaskiddy, across the road from the CIT Marine College. Indaver was refused permission in 2011 on the same site after 10 years of campaigning by the local residents.

Through the years, living downwind of the many Cork Harbour factories Natasha has been concerned about keeping the harbour clean and has long campaigned for strict emission levels and adequate monitoring of industrial activity. At the time she was active in the Cork Environmental Alliance and participated in the planning applications for Sandoz, Merrell Dow and later on, for the Indaver incinerator.

Back in 1993, to tackle water pollution in the harbour, along with some mothers from the local national school and an engineer from Kinsale, she helped organise a conference on using Constructed Wetlands for treating waste water.

Natasha Harty has retired from paid work and lives on the Eastern shore of Lower Cork Harbour, where she and her husband, Michael grow their own vegetables and have some hens.

She also promotes and demonstrates how to make biochar, ground up charcoal, which can sequester carbon efficiently long term in the soil. Biochar also helps plants grow really well.

Natasha is an active member of Cork’s local currency group, Cork LETS Network. She feels that there are still hidden and forgotten people who find themselves in a bad financial situation who could be helped a lot by a strong and vibrant local currency

Natasha was educated at Newtown School, Waterford and graduated in Economics from Trinity College, Dublin.

Cormac Manning (Cork North West)

Cormac Manning is the Green Party candidate in Cork North West at the upcoming general election.

Cormac, 23, grew up in Ballincollig. He attended Scoil Barra and Ballincollig Community School, and recently graduated with a degree in Law and Irish from UCC.

He doesn’t come from any political dynasty, but is running for election to help deliver politics for the common good.

In the Dáil, his first priority would be to ensure a balanced economic recovery which serves all our citizens, not just those at the top or those in Dublin. He would also fight hard for practical green measures to improve people’s lives, such as real support for public transport. Taking action on climate change will reduce the frequency and intensity of flooding in Ireland and abroad.

Other priorities include retrofitting insulation schemes to cut fuel bills and emissions, create jobs, and create warmer homes for our families.

Cormac also strongly supports community-owned renewable energy co-ops, transferring control and profits from developers to local communities.

Cormac has worked in a range of areas, including solicitors’ offices, coláiste samhraidh, various UCC societies, and the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

More information can be found at

Oliver Moran (Cork North Central)

Oliver Moran (Green Party)
Oliver Moran (Green Party)

Oliver Moran is the Green Party candidate for Cork North Central. He is 37 and lives in Montenotte with his wife and their three year old son.

Oliver a software engineer who has over ten years’ experience in health, e-learning, community education and R&D. He in involved in numerous social enterprises and local initiatives

In 2010, Oliver founded the national campaign group, Second Republic, to campaign for political reform in Ireland. The group campaigned successfully for the establishment of the Constitutional Convention and continue to campaign for reform.

His work with Second Republic has led to countless TV, radio and press interviews, public consultations, workshops and meetings, including in the Oireacthas, on political reform. In 2013, he was short-listed for Volunteer of the Year for his work with Second Republic

Oliver is a co-founder of Wikimedia Ireland, the Irish affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation, the charity behind Wikipedia. He has been a contributor to Wikipedia since 2004 and was made an administrator of the English-language Wikipedia in 2011.

In 2014, Oliver was a partner during the start-up phase of SmartVote, a voter education app shortlisted for the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Elevator Award. He stepped down from activities with SmartVote when he was selected as a candidate in this election.

He is a co-founder of the CorkDev series of monthly talks on the technology and IT industry in Cork.

Oliver says:

“I joined the Greens because of the party’s commitment to democracy, social justice and protecting our future. That includes setting a responsible example on issues such as managing the effects of climate change, standing up to political curruption and standing up for international peace.”

More information can be found at

Johnny O’Mahony (Cork South West)

Johnny O’Mahony is the Green Party candidates in Cork South West.

Johnny is 55 years of age and a Cork native, currently living in Douglas. Johnny is a campaigner for social justice, including a fairer social welfare system. He has been an active member of the Green Party for several years and has been involved in the Cork Environmental Forum.

Although currently unemployed, Johnny is well known in Cork through his career as a bookseller and barman and he has set up various sports clubs. Johnny is a keen cyclist and sea-swimmer. He has cycled the length of France and also enjoys sailing. Johnny is a graduate of UCC (B. Comm, 1982).

In his own words:

“I’m standing as the Green Party candidate in Cork South West because I’m passionate about the Green agenda and it’s ability to address the challenges of modern Ireland, including climate change, sustainable economics and addressing the democratic deficit.”

“I plan to redevelop the West Cork Railway route as a green way and introduce volunteer community groups to increase security in rural areas. I want to involve more ordinary people in politics. I will work to get people talking about politics and the kind of county and country they want.”

Johnny says:

“If elected, I’ll work tirelessly to ensure the urgent issues of flood relief and prevention remain visible as the spring turns to summer while also continuing to pursue the less urgent but equally important issues in the hope of preventing future similar crises rather than just cleaning up afterwards.”

A vote for Johnny O’Mahony is a vote for a voice in the Dáil which will challenge the status quo and continually agitate for real action to address the concerns of Cork South West.

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