Ciaran Lynch welcomes €56.25m for Housing Adaptation Grants

3 February 2016
By Tom Collins

Cork South Central TD Ciaran Lynch (Labour) has welcomed the announcement that €56.25 million is available in 2016 for Housing Adaptations for Older People and People with a Disability living in private houses, an increase of €5.75 million on the funding allocated last year.

Ciaran Lynch TD
Ciaran Lynch TD

Deputy Lynch sent the following statement

It is another sign that, now that our economy has started to improve, we can invest in improving the lives of our people, particularly those who are vulnerable.

This funding will allow extensions to be built for people with a disability as well as housing adaptations to improve mobility, such as stair lifts and access ramps.

The increased funding means that Cork City Council and Cork County Council, like all the local authorities around the country, can increase the number they can support through the Housing Adaptation Grant programme.

This funding is part of our Government’s commitment to housing, and it provides significant social benefit by helping older people and people with a disability to continue to live independently.

In also means a boost to the construction sector locally, where the adaptations will be carried out.

Grants are payable in the main to owner-occupied (private) housing, and also eligible are houses being purchased under the tenant purchase scheme, private rented accommodation, accommodation provided under voluntary housing schemes and accommodation occupied by people in communal residences.

The grants will greatly improve the quality of life of people with a disability or those reaching an age when they are less mobile, but want to continue to live independently.

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