British citizens in Cork CAN vote in Brexit referendum

14 May 2016
By Tom Collins


European Movement Ireland is reaching out to Cork’s twenty six thousand British born citizens to let them know that they have just 4 days to register to vote in the UK referendum on EU membership which will take place on June 23rd.

“British people in Ireland simply have to log onto – it’s that easy and as of today, they have until next Monday, 16 May 2016 at 5pm. We hope that those living in Cork will check their eligibility and register to vote if they have that option” said Noelle O Connell, Executive Director of European Movement Ireland.

This reminder is part of European Movement Ireland’s #PhoneAFriend campaign, which aims to get both British citizens living in Ireland and Irish people in Britain to register to vote in the UK’s EU referendum. Irish people based in the UK have until June 7th.

“It is worth noting that an estimated 230,000 English, Scottish and Welsh people live here in Ireland and that many of them are eligible to vote in the upcoming referendum”, added Ms O Connell, “We are urging the 26,080 British people who live in Cork to take part in this important vote.”

“Everyone will of course accept the final decision of the UK electorate but we hope that all of those who are eligible to vote will do so. It’s vital that they have their say on the day about a decision which affects so many people now and in the future,” concluded Ms O Connell.

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