Cork Voice Over Actor

7 February 2017
By Elaine Murphy

Local Business News

So, you’re making a video for your business, the script has been approved and you just need to find the right voice over to tie it together and bring it to life. It’s easy to find a US Voice online, but this is Ireland, and the novelty of having a US voice went away in the mid-90s! (do you remember Atlantic 252 radio!)

You need an Irish accent. However, we all know there are so many. You want one that can be understood nationwide, and not alienate any particular group.

Exhibit A: This accent is amusing, but the ears begin to hurt after 10 seconds.

It’s entirely up to you, as the client, as to who you choose.

Voice overs are a theatrical art, so they are one of the few areas that need not be politically correct. It is still true to say that men are associated with authoritative, factual information pieces, for example, the kind of voice you’d hear on an instruction video for construction equipment. Women are perceived as being nurturing, more compassionate and gentle, which can work well with book narrations, and commercials for cosmetics.

A local Cork-based Voice Over Artist is David O’Sullivan. His name will be familiar to many from his time on a local commercial radio station. He has voiced projects for brands including: Ulster Bank, Roche, Zurich Insurance, AIG insurance,, Tattersalls, University College Cork, Musgrave Group, Irish Distillers Jameson, and The Restaurants Association of Ireland.

David told “There are obvious benefits to have a voice-over actor. A professional voice conveys grativas and seriousness while also being easy to understand, and pleasing to listen to”

Recently David provided narration for an Australian Theatrical production from his Cork studio “They wanted an Irish Santa clause type of voice, and it worked out well. Voice-overs are often used to create the effect of storytelling by an omniscient narrator. Classic voice-overs in cinema history can be heard in Citizen Kane and The Naked City. A business might not have a multi-million dollar budget, but today many businesses are producing 60-second profile videos, or competition videos for Facebook. I would encourage anyone to view my demos on to see how a voice-over can provide a nice finish to any style of video.”


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