URBAN REGENERATION: Green Party publish vision for Cork Docklands

10 July 2017
By Tom Collins

The Green Party in Cork has published its vision for a new Docklands Quarter after plans by the Port of Cork to move out of the city.

The Port of Cork Company announced on Friday that it has acquired Marino Point from NAMA for future development with works beginning immediately. The Green Party published its vision as part of a consultation with Cork City Council on a €1bn redevelopment of the city docks and Tivoli docks that will double the size of the city.

The party’s plan for the docklands include:

  • A new Dockland Quarter on the south city docks, including residential and commercial elements.
  • The transformation of the Customs House into a social and cultural centre.
  • A public transport hub for rail, bus, cycle and river at Horgan’s Quay, including a working dock and recreational river amenities.
  • A high-density residential development with parklands and recreational facilities at Tivoli.

The party has called for an international competition to invite designs for the new urban development.

Oliver Moran from the Green Party in Cork

Speaking over the weekend, Oliver Moran, the Green Party representative in Cork North Central said:

“We are still very skeptical of the decision to move the Port of Cork out of the city. It will mean that for the first time in its thousand year history, Cork will not be a port city. That’s why our proposal continues to keep working port facilities in the city, for ocean liners, public transport and recreation.”

“It’s critical too that the heritage of Cork is not lost in a cold, modern development. We want the redevelopment to draw on the history of Cork and the existing vibrant culture of the docklands – be that the railway station and quays on the North Docks or the renaissant pub culture, Paírc Uí Chaoimh and the Marquee surrounding the South Docks.”

The Green Party plans reiterated the party’s support for a Cork light rail from Mahon-Blackrock to Bishopstown-Ballincollig passing through the proposed new Docklands Quarter. The plans also include a river ferry with stopping points between the Lower Harbour and Horgan’s Quay.

The party also restated its support for the Save Cork City campaign and said that the feasibility of a tidal barrier at the mouth of Lough Mahon should be examined to protect the city and planned redevelopments from flooding.

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