CENSUS REVEALS: Why Government must invest more in Cork public transport

31 August 2017
By Bryan Smyth

The CSO happens to be based in Cork, but the agency compiles data for all of the state. New figures released this month have revealed the high level of private car usage in Cork.

In April 2016, 155,860 people living and working in County Cork (72.8%) travelled to work by car, compared to 65.6% of commuters nationally.

While 9.3% of working commuters nationally used public transport, just 4.5% of those in Cork did so. A further 1.5% cycled, while 9.2% walked.

Labour Party Local Area Representative* in Cork, Peter Horgan, has called for more investment in public transport in Cork city and county, following Census figures that show Cork way behind the national average.

File photo of an animated Peter Horgan (Centre) as he guided the Labour Party leader – and entourage – around Cork City earlier in 2017. Photographer: Andrew O’Brien

“We have more people back at work, and while that is welcome, we have more cars on the road,” said Mr Horgan.

“The result is the South Link [Dual carriageway] being jammed with motorists, a road that is already over capacity as admitted by planners. Yet we have a Park & Ride located smack bang in the middle of this road network, under utilised by the City and by Bus Eireann. We have thousands of workers working in the hubs of Ringaskiddy, Mahon Point and Ballincollig to name a few area, yet the bus services from a variety of locations to these hubs are sporadic at best.”

“Public confidence in Cork of the public transport network is clearly low. we need to regain that confidence again and the only way to do that is through sustained investment.”


“We want to position Cork as an alternative location in the light of Brexit but no company will want to establish here, city or county, without a sustainable transport network in operation. It’s about time the Government made good on their press releases extolling the booming economic landscape for the people of Cork.”

* A Party Representative is a person who has been appointed by a Political Party to Represent them in part of a Constituency. If / when elected by a public vote then a Party Representative would be referred to as a City or County Councillor

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