HEALTH INSURANCE: needs “stricter regulations” – Michael Collins TD

7 December 2017
By Elaine Murphy

West Cork Independent TD, Michael Collins told the Dáil this week that health service is failing and the causes must be addressed urgently.

The vocal West Cork TD Michael Collins (Ind)

‘The health insurance industry and the two-tier medical system that we have in this country is totally failing the people who urgently need help and care,’ Deputy Collins said. While the Cross-Border Health Care Directive gives the people of Ireland, who are experiencing long delays with in the our health system, the ability to avail of medical procedures in the North or other EU countries, we still have many Irish patients, because of the endless failings of the HSE and their waiting lists, been forced to pay for private health insurance to get their operations completed urgently. However, these people do not receive any compensation from the Cross-Border Health Care Directive.’

‘Irish people should not be forced into paying for private health insurance, a situation, which adds an extra level of stress on top of their unfortunate health issue,’ Deputy Collins said.

Deputy Collins also called for stricter regulations for private health insurers.

‘There is a need for stricter regulations around private health insurance,’ Deputy Collins said. Insurers in this industry are happy to put on ‘extras’ on to the bill for the simplest of reasons. They can totally exploit their customers and take advantage of their urgent and poor health condition. This needs to be better regulated to ensure a fair and equal deal for all.’

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