Lotto staff travel to Wilton, Cork to search for €1m winning ticketholder!

16 May 2018
By Mary Bermingham

A National Lottery delegation will travel to Cork city tomorrow with the hope of finding the winner of €1 million from the EuroMillions EuroMillionaire Raffle on Friday, 23rd February. The clock is ticking as this winner has just over one week left to claim their prize as the deadline of Thursday 24th May is looming.

Positive PR from the National Lottery

The winning Quick Pick ticket was sold at the Eason Store in the Wilton Shopping Centre in Cork City on the day of the draw on Friday, 23rd February. The draw included a special EuroMillionaire raffle with 25 guaranteed prizes of one million euro across participating EuroMillions countries. There was one Irish winner of a €1 million.

The winning raffle code of the €1million raffle prize was I-DKB-06633.

The National Lottery team will travel to Cork on Thursday 17th May to help find the lucky ticketholder.

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