Q: How to stop cars from blocking bus lanes? A: Change the ‘culture’

8 January 2019
By Bryan Smyth

The Green Party has called on Cork City Council to take action against cars blocking bus and cycle lanes in the city.

The party says a “change in culture” is needed if the city is to implement ambitious public transport plans being finalised by the National Transport Authority. The plan is expected to focus heavily on improving the bus and cycle network in the city, with €200m earmarked for a BusConnects scheme.

Politics – News from the Green Party in Cork

Speaking at the St Luke’s Community Safety Forum on Monday evening, the party’s representative in the Cork City North East ward, Oliver Moran, said cars were parked in bus lanes on Bridge Street and MacCurtain Street “all the time” making it impossible for public transport and cyclists to use the lanes.

Mr Moran also highlighted parking in cycle lanes leading from the train station on Alfred Street, which has recently been the subject of an online campaign by the Cork Cycling Campaign.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Moran said:

“The city council needs to take the initiative in leading a change in culture. Right now it seems for a lot of people bus and cycle lanes are seen as convenient parking. Something harmless. The city needs to shift that perception so that people see it as a serious motoring offence to block public transport or a cycle lane.”

“This isn’t about punishing motorists. Ultimately, the goal is to take more people out of cars and reduce congestion. But we can’t do that unless bus services are dependable and cycling is seen as safe. That means making sure public transport always has priority and keeping cycle lanes free.”

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