AUDIO: Heating firm ‘Sea Box Group’ creates 20 jobs in Cork

9 January 2019
By Bryan Smyth

The Sea Box Group, a leading modular and offsite heating solutions provider has launched two online ecommerce companies in Ireland. They will be based from Cork and will create 20 jobs over the coming years. These are the first websites of their kind to launch in Ireland. They will operate as an online shop for tradespeople with educational resources to help with technical information.

Pictured are Andrew Salerno, Global Marketing Director for Sea Box Inc and Patrick Hogan, Managing Director of Sea Box Energy.
Picture by Shane O’Neill, SON Photographic

Sea Box Group owns Sea Box EMEA, NRG Awareness and Sea Box Energy Commercial. This is part of a major five year plan for expansion into e-commerce markets for the Sea Box Group with an overall investment of €1 million.

The two websites will be called “Sea Box Shop” and “NRG Store”. The will partner with various companies to offer products to customers. It is expected there will be 10,000 products available on both platforms by the end of 2019. Both sites will be selling items in Ireland as well as internationally.

Managing Director of Sea Box Energy, Patrick Hogan said: “We are very excited about launching our two new online businesses. As a business we are very committed to developing our business in Cork which means new jobs and investment in the economy. Both businesses will be like the Amazon for heating supplies. This will all be managed out of Cork.”

Sea Box Shop will sell online container parts and other related container items. It is expected to have a product line of more than 300 unique items and some patented, never available before items all around the world. NRG Store will be focused on online heating, cooling and energy ecommerce. This website is for both domestic and commercial customers.

Andrew Salerno, Global Marketing Director for Sea Box Inc in New Jersey said: “Streamlining our parts business and making them more available to our global clients has being our plan since our office was setup in Ireland in 2016.”

Mr Hogan added: “NRG Online will allow tradespeople to plan their week’s work have it delivered from our multiple filaments centers around Europe in time for their needs onsite. We will also be offering finance options so that people will be able to spread the cost of the project.”

Recruitment has already begun for both of these new businesses.

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