West Cork businesses are under threat as a result of the out of control and spiralling costs of insurance

30 March 2019
By Elaine Murphy

‘The governments need to act now to ensure that rural businesses that provide jobs and income for families can survive into the future.’

West Cork Independent TD Michael Collins is calling on the government to resolve the insurance crisis that is putting individuals and companies across the country under so much pressure.

‘In West Cork, this is not the first time I bring this situation to the attention of the government, the cost of insurance is having a major detrimental effect on the day to day lives of many people and is causing long established family businesses to close due to the spiralling cost of insurance.’

The vocal West Cork TD Michael Collins (Ind)

‘For example, the Kilbrittain Activity Centre, a major employer and popular amenity centre in West Cork whose insurance went from a couple of thousand euro last year to over €20,000 this year. This nonsensical increase is beyond belief and it is causing major stress on a company that will now find it difficult to expand or employ more people.’

‘Other community groups are also in the same boat where the quotations they are getting from the insurance companies are sky high, that is of course if they even get a quote because many of the insurance companies are refused to even consider them.’

‘The government needs to act now and resolve the insurance crisis once and for all.’

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