Things to remember when moving to a new house

16 December 2019
By Mary Bermingham

Moving to the new house can be really exciting for the whole family. But it can also be a stressful experience for everyone. There are many things that you might forget and miss at the new place or during the move itself. Hence, you need to plan much ahead in advance and consider few aspects to ensure that you and your family are able to enjoy entering the new place. 


Things to consider when moving

  • Moving company’s legitimacy: Just any man with a van will not do for moving all your belongings. Rather, it needs to be a proper company that possesses valid license, insurance and resources to do the job smoothly. Find out the best mover who is trustworthy and has carried out similar moving jobs earlier. This will give you peace of mind, satisfaction and worry-free moving of all your belongings. 
  • Move date: This is definitely crucial and the movers should be informed in advance to avoid confusion. It will be wise to choose mid-month, mid-week moving date. Also try not to move during peak moving seasons as the moving rates will be typically higher. 
  • New home’s measurements: Take a good look at your new home’s blueprint and measure the available interior space. This will give you a rough idea of where the movers will place the furniture and other items. 
  • Transferring utilities: Once you confirm your moving date and contacting the professional moving companies, you need to transfer your utilities. Schedule disconnect/connect dates for electric and gas. Also contact your internet and cable service provider including the security system provider to schedule an installation date. 
  • Forward mail: It is something crucial and should be done prior to the move or miss out on those important packages, letters and bills. 
  • Check out non-allowables list: Be it local or international removals, you need to ask for non-allowables list from the moving company. Such items are likely to include pesticides, paints, aerosol cans, propane tanks, scuba tanks, fertilizer, fire extinguisher and expensive items and jewelry, etc. 
  • Label boxes: You many have several breakable items to be moved. There are also other items that you would have packed. Labelling them correctly and mentioning the breakable ones clearly will protect them from damage during transition. You can also label items for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. 

Taking into consideration the above aspects will help you to have a smooth and worry-free move to the new place.

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