FREIGHT/CARGO ships continue to arrive in Port of Cork

16 March 2020
By Elaine Murphy

Authorities liaising closely with HSE during COVID-19 pandemic

The Port of Cork can confirm that freight operations are continuing as normal, as it works closely with the HSE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Port of Cork is a key facilitator of trade in the Munster region, and vital deliveries will continue to a number of sectors in the weeks ahead.

Staff members and visitors at the Port are adopting best practice in terms of social distancing, and as a precaution, inbound ships are subject to strict new guidelines as outlined in a notice to mariners.

The schedule of freight arrivals at the Port of Cork is unaffected by the COVID-19 outbreak. These inbound vessels will carry a range of goods including standard containers, fertiliser, crude oil, and animal feed.

Brendan Keating, CEO of the Port of Cork, says; “We would like to reassure the public that the Port continues to operate, albeit in a way that protects against any further spread of COVID-19. We do not envisage any circumstances whereby that will change in any way. The Port will continue to play its important role in ensuring supply chains are maintained across Munster, and will fulfil its role as a vital cog in keeping the region moving. We will continue to work closely with the HSE and officials in public health, and take our lead from them on matters pertaining to COVID-19.”


The Port of Cork is the key seaport in the south of Ireland and is one of only two Irish ports which service the requirements of all six shipping modes i.e. Lift-on Lift-off, Roll-on Roll-off, Liquid Bulk, Dry Bulk, Break Bulk and Cruise. The port has made impressive strides in recent decades. Since 2000, the Port of Cork has invested €72 million in improving Port infrastructure and facilities. Due to its favourable location on the south coast of Ireland and its modern deepwater facilities, the Port of Cork is ideally positioned for additional European trading as well as for yet unexploited direct deep sea shipping services. A well-developed road infrastructure eases the flow of traffic from and to the port. The Port of Cork’s growing reputation for quality service, including prompt and efficient vessel turnaround, ensures its position as a vital link in the global supply chain.

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