Statement from the Mayor of the County of Cork, Councillor Ian Doyle during Covid19 crisis

16 March 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Ian Doyle

We are in the midst of an unprecedented event. Covid-19 is effecting every one of us and I would like to take this opportunity as a Mayor of the County of Cork to ask everyone to do their bit in this battle and help us control the spread of this virus.

I know that there is a lot of messaging out there, I’ve seen it myself, but could I please ask everyone who is looking for the most up-to-date information to listen to the World Health Organisation, the HSE and our own Government. These are the facts, not the speculation which is rife on social media and only creating unnecessary panic.

The directions we are asked to follow, while changing the way we live, will protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. Handwashing and social distancing applies to all. People are making enormous sacrifices, businesses are closing with enormous impacts on staff, travel is effected but if we work together, and importantly look after each other, we can slow the spread of Covid-19.

There are significant changes to Cork County Council’s services and I must credit both our Council and Executive for their swift response to Covid-19 where prioritising staff and public health was of paramount importance. Taking the decision to change our service provision last week required the support of the Councillors and staff of Cork County Council and I thank you all for this. All Council libraries, pools, playgrounds and tourism attractions are closed. The Motor Tax Office is also closed. However, is available together with the postal and email service. Queries continue to be taken by phone, at 021-4544566, or by email at

If you have any queries please visit or to access on line services. You can also contact us by telephoning 021 4276891, by post and by email. You can find a full list of our contact details and if any person is having any difficulty please contact us immediately where I can assure you every effort will be made to assist you.

Finally, I must acknowledge the amazing staff we have across our Health Service. Please support our medical staff, doctors, nurses, GPs and all who are doing everything they can to help. Communities across the county are rallying together to support each other and this is to be celebrated. It is this behaviour that will really make a difference.

This St. Patrick’s Day will be like no other. A lot of people will be disappointed with cancelled parades across the county and I know how much effort goes into preparing for these events. But we can show how proud we are as a Nation by supporting each other, by adhering to the guidance from the HSE and by demonstrating how much we value each and every member of our communities.

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