Montfort College of Performing Arts Bringing Your Kids Together Online

5 April 2020
By Elaine Murphy

Montfort College of Performing Arts are proud to announce that the Montfort Family have moved their classes online during these uncertain times. In an effort to offer kids something creative and constructive to do during the week while parents struggle with a full house or indeed, working from home as well as home-schooling, the Montfort’s have come to the rescue with a whole heap of classes to choose from 7 days a week; including Hip Hop, Mini Ballet, Acro, Musical Theatre, Singing, and many more, look no further for ways to while away the hours.

With 40 classes available online with 20 of their finest staff, the Montfort’s are ensuring that the young people of Cork will remain together while staying apart.

Mr. Ryan, said

“We, at the Montfort, believe in unity, we’re a real family and being honest I and all the teachers are hugely missing our students and with the outpouring of love online from them, I thought it was time to embrace the new world of technology and bring as much as possible online. This is a tough time for everyone, no one could have planned for it, so if we can do our small bit to bring a little joy into the lives of young people across Cork, I’ll be happy with that. The Montfort’s are my life and my family, and the same can be said for my wife and daughter, we’ll be joining in ourselves throughout the week so we get to keep in touch with everyone!”

The joys of dancing and singing will be shared by the teacher and young people virtually through Zoom, giving everyone some much-needed stretching of their social, dance, and voice muscles! Children will be given their schedule according to their own abilities so fear not! These classes will be with your favourite teacher and you’ll have your friends right there with you, just in another house!

For over half a century the Montfort College of Performing Arts has been one of Ireland’s most prestigious and credible training grounds for young talent for children as young as 18 months.

The college is dedicated to developing performance skills in dance, drama, singing and musical theatre as well as having fun and building self-confidence in an exciting, creative and nurturing environment.

With 59 years’ experience as Munster’s leading Performing Arts College we have the experience and dedication to offer your child the very best in theatre arts training.

When you and your child choose Montfort College you are joining something special – an affiliation and friendship that we hope will last many years, providing a solid base on which your child will thrive. We operate an open-door policy whereby all students and parents are able to communicate their views, feelings and suggestions through the teaching staff or to the directors.

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