Where to buy yellow stickers and cones to encourage #SocialDistancing?

7 April 2020
By Mary Bermingham

Safety in the workplace has never been more important for those essential manufacturers and service providers that continue to operate.

And, to keep workers and customers safe, Qsafe, a Wicklow print and design business is coming up with innovative signage solutions to suit different large and small businesses.

Qsafe initially launched a system of floor graphics, posters and barrier signs a fortnight ago, allowing retailers to create a logical and safe queuing system for customers. The durable, washable and waterproof signage carries simple instruction and can be applied to internal or external queuing arrangements.

Since then, KEEP SAFE DISTANCE badges, disposable coffee cups, work clothing and room capacity posters are among the handy printed safety messaging produced for healthcare facilities and other workplaces.

A ‘Small Business Pack’ and an ‘Industrial Pack’ of necessary signage is now available from Qsafe to enhance workplace safety and remind employees and customers of important physical distancing.

Delivered within 48 hours, pack contents include hand wash stickers, safe distance directional arrows and floor markers, information and room capacity posters, Keep Safe Distance badges and hi-vis jackets, cone wraps for outdoor queuing systems and disposable coffee cups.

There are 300 individual units in the small business pack, priced at €399, (ex VAT) and 650 in the larger industrial pack, costing €994 (ex VAT). All stock sells online at https://qsafe.ie where photographs and application details for the various items is outlined.

The yellow and black graphic design follows the standard brand guidelines of COVID-19 communications. Instantly recognisable as a safety instruction, they provide customer and staff reassurance that they are adhering to safe distancing and other healthcare measures.

The products are designed to protect employees and customers by promoting healthcare advice and minimising physical interaction, Dermot Malone of Qsafe says.

“Those providing essential services like food and healthcare are very conscious of keeping their employees and customers safe. This simple system instantly addresses that need”.

A new addition to the range, currently in demand, is a pack of 50 KEEP SAFE DISTANCE badges for employees in any work situation. They are a reminder to colleagues and members of the public in any work place to practice physical distancing.

“Apart from customers queuing, we had business owners worried about their own staff momentarily forgetting and getting too close to a colleague. The bright yellow badges are an instant reminder to stay safe”, the Qsafe creator says.

The KEEP SAFE DISTANCE message is also available on a new clothing range which includes yellow hi-vis vests, t-shirts and polo shirts. Clothing can be branded to include a company logo alongside the safety message. Demand is high among logistics and security personnel, with some companies supplying the new safety wear to all staff.

See https://qsafe.ie/

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