Ireland needs “transport police”

8 June 2020
By Bryan Smyth

The Gardai already have a Traffic Corps (renamed recently as Roads Policing). Is it now time for dedicated Transport Police?

Labour Local Area Representative in Peter Horgan has said that immediate funding and allocation of dedicated transport police on the city’s buses must happen.

Peter Horgan (Labour) is a familar face in Cork City and works as a Parliamentary Assistant for Sean Sherlock, TD

“Incidents occurred before lockdown that were cause for concern and were a danger to drivers and passengers and as the lockdown eases steps must be taken to curb any return to anti-social
Behaviour and criminal Activity on our public transport,” said Mr Horgan.

“A dedicated transport police presence would assist Gardaí in the areas of the bus routes but would also not take Gardaí off regular route. I will be writing to the Garda Commissioner on this as well as the Ministers for Transport and Justice as we must take immediate steps to protect public transport now.”

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