100 years ago Queenstown was renamed to Cobh (Town was the last port of call of the Titanic)

25 June 2020
By Elaine Murphy

Queenstown (renamed as Cobh in 1920) was the last port of call of the Titanic. The jetty from the ticket office still exists, and was the last piece of terra firma that many of the ill-fated passengers stood on. (File Photo: Hendrick Verwey)

As part of their Commemorations Programme, Cork County Council have provided support to the Cobh 1916 Centenary Committee for their plans to celebrate a very significant anniversary for the harbour town; name change from Queenstown to Cobh on July 2nd, 1920. Although the proposed re-enactment to mark this centenary cannot now take place due to COVID19 restrictions, Cork County Council is committed to the continued support of this group and the many others throughout the County who will deliver commemoration events in 2021.

Cllr. Ian Doyle, the outgoing Mayor of the County of Cork pictured with Cllr. Susan McCarthy; Conor Nelligan, Heritage Officer, CCC; Thomas Watt, Senior Planner, CCC; Carmel Donnachie, Cobh Librarian; Páraig Lynch, Municipal District Officer, Cobh and members of the Cobh 1916 committee, including Paul O’Sullivan, Kieran McCarthy, John Hennessy, Jim Halligan and Colin Barry. Pic: Brian Lougheed

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