Gaggin for Data: Three Mobile confirms uptake in 4G data usage

27 August 2020
By Mary Bermingham

Data traffic in Gaggin, Cork increases fivefold following technology updates by Three Ireland

Residents of Gaggin, West Cork (a rural area located South South West of Bandon) have seen their internet connectivity transformed following a significant technology update in the area from Three Ireland. With some residents from Gaggin unable to work from home during lockdown because of slow internet speeds, the latest update means they now have the connectivity required for fundamental tasks such as high quality video calling and sharing large files.

Since the update went live on Friday, 14th of August, Three has seen traffic on the network in the area increase fivefold. Three worked with engineering services partner Obelisk to update the network in the area, once Three became aware of the challenges many residents were facing trying to work from home.

Gaggin is one of many sites Three updated across the country during the Covid-19 crisis, as the network experienced a 54% increase in demand across the country, with customers working and studying from home, using data to stay connected with family members and for entertainment.

Declan Gaffney, Director of RAN at Three Ireland commented on the upgrade: “Connectivity has never been more important in people’s lives, allowing us all to stay in touch during Covid-19 and facilitating working from home for thousands of people across Ireland. I’m delighted to say, as a result of this update, internet speeds have been transformed in Gaggin, with residents now able to browse with no limitations.”

Jarlath Finnegan, CEO of Obelisk added: “Each location has its own challenges and requirements when it comes to connectivity, however when Three reached out to us to see if we could make some fast changes in this area we were delighted to assist and improve the network. It’s great to see the difference the update made through the local network demand.”

Many people had been driving from their homes to carparks to get a signal for data, but this has reduced thanks to signal improvements in rural areas

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