COVID19 versus Catholic Mass: Aontú Rep wants Masses to Remain Open

13 October 2020
By Tom Collins

Aontú Rep for Cork North West Becky Kealy has written to the Bishops of Cork “on behalf of young Catholics in the area” to raise the issue of masses remaining suspended and churches closed, and the impact this has had on people of faith.

Becky Kealy said “The targeting of masses and other religious services amidst this pandemic has been wholly unfair and disproportionate. People of faith have shown the utmost good faith in adhering to government regulations, have answered Ireland’s call, and have prayed for our country throughout the pandemic. There has not been a cluster or outbreak linked to a socially-distanced mass. The suspension of religious services has had a damaging effect on elderly people who so treasure their opportunity to attend mass on a Sunday, and has burdened the faith of many at a time when their faith has been their rock as always.”

“In our letter, we expressed our hope that in the meeting between the Taoiseach and the four archbishops, agreement will be reached for religious services to be held unaffected and to be protected throughout the coming months. It is inexplicable how one can go to mass in the North but not in the South. I ask An Taoiseach to ensure people of faith can continue to attend mass and practice their faith commensurate with socially distancing.”

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