Question: How to visit Spike Island for free? Answer: Checkout this new #360Video

24 October 2020
By Tom Collins

Spike Island was Ireland’s version of Alcatraz, and in more recent years it has been a Tourist Attaction which won the title of EUROPE’S Leading Tourist Attraction 2017

Spike Island off the coast of Cobh in Cork harbour has over 1,300 years of Irish history. From being an Island Monastery, to a British Military Fortress, to the World’s largest Prison in the 1850’s (housing Irish ‘convicts’ before they were sent to Australia), to being smaller Irish prison in recent decades.

Prior to COVID19 the Island – which is owned by Cork County Council – was open to tourists, but like many non-essential enterprises it is temporarily closed during the current COVID19 lockdown.

Fortunately, you can still experience a visit to Spike Island thanks for a 360 degree video.

Your journey starts with a ferry ride before Ireland’s best storytellers take you on a guided tour of the outer island and Fortress. The video was produced by Cork City based Wombat Media.

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