Buying online from UK websites after 31st December? #Brexit

6 December 2020
By Tom Collins

Consumers could be subjected to very different rules when buying from UK websites post Brexit.

Cork-based Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune says; post-Brexit UK based websites will be classed at non-EU operations and subject to different rules. This will affect consumers and their rights.

MEP Clune says

“UK shopping sites are very popular with Irish consumers but shoppers must ensure that they know their rights in a post-Brexit world. Firstly I would encourage shoppers to be fully aware of where they are buying from and where the business is based. There are excellent protections for consumers buying from EU websites but this could all change for UK sites in January. Things like return policies could be different as could an appeals process if a shopper is not happy. It is important that consumers check the small print and the terms and conditions before shopping on non-EU sites.”

In addition to this the rules around taxes and charges if buying from UK sites could also change. Shoppers could be facing hefty custom charges as a result of Brexit, MEP said.

MEP Clune is urging people to ‘shop local’ as much as they can this festive season in order to support the businesses who have been closed for the last few weeks.

Deirdre Clune MEP Pic Diane Cusack

MEP Clune says

“Businesses all around Ireland have suffered this year and it is important that we all do what we can to support them. I am delighted to see so many businesses move online to sell their products and I hope that over the coming weeks shoppers will support those businesses in their local area.”

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