FIIT Stick fitness class from Midleton man @forrest_friends

11 March 2021
By Elaine Murphy

Business Profile in brief

Charismatic Corkman, Martin Forrest from Midleton runs a ‘FIIT Stick fitness class’.

With a background in Tai Chi and Zen meditation, Martin’s aim is to help people achieve their own personal success in life by focusing on untapped potential and bringing it to life using a blend of fun activities with cognitive and motivational tools.

He brought his idea to life with the support of Social Impact Ireland. He is a Social Entrepreneur “on a mission to support and improve mental health and increase physical activity in a fun and motivating way using the walking stick while reducing stress and anxiety levels”.

Social Impact Ireland works closely with social entrepreneurs, at various stages of their journey. Social Impact Ireland believes in the power and the potential that each person can have to make a difference and benefit their community. It provides one-to-one support to the individual to help them fulfil the potential of their endeavour.  For more information visit


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