Cork Lotto jackpot winner has collected their €2,469,871 prize #Myrtleville

6 July 2021
By Mary Bermingham

The Cork Lotto Saturday 29th May and Saturday 5th June have both officially claimed their prizes.

The 29 May 2021 Co Cork Lotto winner has collected their €2,469,871 prize. They had purchased their winning ticket at O’Connell’s Foodstore in the seaside ‘village’ of Myrtleville.

The jackpot winner was quick to check their ticket and realise their good fortune: “I checked my ticket that night after the draw and as I went through the draw results, I just couldn’t believe that every number was matching the ones printed on my ticket. By the time I got through the results, I was definitely feeling overwhelmed. It certainly wasn’t easy getting to sleep that night and the next day was filled with a happy mix of shock and delight.”

The Cork winner – who chose to remain anonymous – plans to take their time and carefully plan what to do next:

“I still can’t quite believe my luck. It really is still the best news – every time I hear the National Lottery ad, I can’t believe that I’m now one of those winners! I’m going to take my time for now and let the news properly sink in before I decide what to do.”

1 June 2021. A seaside shop located close to Myrtleville Beach in Co. Cork was confirmed as the seller of a Lotto jackpot ticket worth €2,469,871. The winning Quick Pick ticket was sold on the day of the draw (Saturday 29th May) at O’Connell’s Foodstore in Myrtleville, Co. Cork. Owner of O’Connells Paul O’Connell (centre right) pictured here with assistant, Toni Burgess as Jim O’Connor, National Lottery sprays the bubbly with Sarah Orr from the national Lottery. Pic: John Allen / Mac Innes Photography

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