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Archives / June 2022
27 June 2022 By Tom Collins tom@TheCork.ie AFTA was the first flight school partner to work with Ryanair to train and recruit prospective cadets for a ‘Mentored Pilot Programme’, which provides a unique opportunity for aspiring pilots to be trained using Ryanair standard operating procedures (SOPs) and operational philosophy during their training. This programme gives... Read More
27 June 2022 By Roger Kennedy roger@TheCork.ie Bingo is a fun and exciting game loved by many Irish players. In Ireland, it is legal to offer bingo games in a licenced charitable gambling event. As such, most operators use a charitable contribution option to establish bingo gambling halls. Irish players can therefore enjoy playing their... Read More
26 June 2022 By Mary Bermingham mary@TheCork.ie Munster Technological University (MTU) has secured €3 million in funding to provide over 1,000 places under the Government’s Springboard+ and Human Capital Initiatives for the academic year 2022/2023. In total, MTU is offering 34 Springboard+ courses as part of its suite of part-time offerings. These funded places are... Read More
25 June 2022 By Roger Kennedy roger@TheCork.ie We live in an age where it’s possible to disseminate information quickly and broadcast your ideas to tens of thousands of people. The majority of entrepreneurs use these opportunities to the maximum, strengthening their position in the market by building a personal brand on social networks. This simplifies... Read More