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Domain Rating: 41
(Source – 23 Nov 2020)

Sessions: 29,049
Users: 29,943 (of which 21,737 were new users)
Pageviews: 35,655
Pages per session: 1.23
Average session duration: 32 secs
(Source: Google Analytics – 30 Jul 2020 to 30 Aug 2020)


1. Ireland 80.30%
2. USA 5.06%
3. UK 4.11%
4. Australia 4.03%
5. Norway 0.49%
6. India 0.49%


Male 57.6%
Female 42.4%

Top Browsers

1. Chrome: 59.68%
2. Safari: 19.40%
3. Android Webview 7.74%
4. Samsung Internet 5.78%
5. Safari (in-app) 3.95%
6. Firefox 1.04%

Journalism costs money

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