Those behind the Banking crisis must be held to account says Senator Buttimer

Speaking in the Seanad, Fine Gael Cork Senator, Jerry Buttimer said that while it is important that we inspire international confidence in the bond markets it is critical that we give the Irish people confidence and hope by holding those responsible for the banking crisis to account.

“All people see is at the moment is pain being inflicted, for which they must pay.

“People want those who are responsible for bringing the country to its knees being held to account. They want to see justice. In America they see people going to the courts. Here they see people getting big fat pensions and severance payments and the courts being used as a stalling process. Where they want to see swift justice, instead they see a slow, drawn-out process.

“When will this Government take the bull by the horns and offer people some semblance of hope and accountability? Or to paraphrase Hamlet is it so rotten in the State that we cannot have hope and accountability?

“Small businesses are in trouble, houses are being repossessed and the people who are in mortgage arrears are living in genuine fear of what’s to come.

“Our people are suffering, businesses are struggling and public servants are being hammered and told they must have pain heaped on more pain. Fianna Fáil caused this crisis. Its approach to light-touch regulation resulted in the demise of this country.

“Since last Christmas, 16 of my past pupils, who include graduates, PhDs, postgraduates and trained craftspeople, have contacted me seeking references before emigrating. We need accountability, not only the restoration of confidence in the bond markets. The people must be given hope. The only way to achieve it is through a general election.”

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