Cork Chamber statement reflects FG approach says Buttimer

Fine Gael Cork South Central Senator, Jerry Buttimer, today (Friday) welcomed a statement by Cork Chamber which reflects Fine Gael’s approach to the economic crisis.

“It is heartening to see that Cork Chamber’s view of what’s best for the economy is in line with what we, in Fine Gael, have long been saying.

“The Chamber’s assertion that: ‘While significant fiscal adjustment is needed, cognisance must be given to balanced adjustments and the need for a stimulus package for enterprise and employment in Budget 2011′ is in firm keeping with a statement issued just this week by Fine Gael Party Leader, Enda Kenny, which called for a ‘recovery plan not just an austerity plan’.

“Fine Gael believes that if there is to be any hope of getting the economy back on track, any recovery plan must include a stimulus and growth package that is focused on job creation and fundamental reform of the way government does its business.

“I also welcome the fact that the Chamber recognises the need for reform of the public sector and the number of quangos in operation throughout the State. As far back as March 2008, Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar set out, in his Streamling Government document, the vast number of State agencies that could be abolished, merged or could share administrative and other facilities in a bid to cutting down on costs.

“In the coming weeks Fine Gael’s Richard Bruton will be publishing a radical public sector document outlining the most comprehensive reform of the Irish public administration in recent history.

“While I am of the firm belief that the only way a mandate can be secured for the implementation of a recovery plan for our economy is through a General Election, I am encouraged by the fact that the Cork Chamber shares Fine Gael’s view of the best way to get us out of the economic mess and back on the road to recovery.”

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