Cork City needs traffic calming measures says Cllr

Cork City manager Tim Lucey has conceded that it would take nearly 30 years to deal with all the traffic calming requests in the city at the current rate of progress.
He was replying to a written question from Socialist Party councillor Mick Barry at last night’s meeting of Cork City Council. Cllr Barry had raised the question in the wake of the recent controversy over the lack of traffic calming measures at SunValley Drive in Fair Hill.
The City Manager told last night’s meeting that there are currently “over 500” requests for traffic calming measures in the city and that the Council currently aims to act on 3 requests per council ward per annum, ie 18 requests each year.
Conceding that this means a near 30 year backlog the City Manager warned that looming cutbacks could worsen the situation even further: “Funding for traffic calming measures has been reduced in the last two years and it is not clear what funding will be made available in the immediate future”.
Cllr Barry said this morning: “Traffic calming measures can save lives and the lack of them can cost lives. The 30 years waiting list is an absolute scandal and further cutbacks must be rejected out of hand.”

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