Cork Seanad candidate emphasises role of Renewable energy

NUI Seanad candidate Regina O’Connor emphasises the role of Renewable Energy in the turn around in Cork’s economy and the creation of Cork jobs

Regina was a member of the EU negotiation team which formulated the EU renewable energy package for Ireland and all other EU member states. Regina will attend today’s Cork Energy workshop organized by Cork Chamber of Commerce.  “The importance of renewable energy to Cork, Ireland and Europe cannot be over emphasised in terms of job creation and e anomy-building.  In fact €20 billion has been invested in renewable energy projects across Europe and Ireland needs to get more aggressive in chasing this funding. As Senator, I will ensure that Irish companies will be plugged into EU funding.”

Regina is a graduate of UCC and UCD and who spent a year in UCG and is a solicitor who has spent the last six years as legal and political advisor to two Political Groups in the European Parliament in Brussels. She is author of “The Reasons Why: Ireland at the heart of Europe” an educational guide to the EU for Irish students, teachers, business leaders and policy-makers and is unique in having worked in all three political arms of the EU: European Parliament, Council of Ministers with the Department of Foreign Affairs and European Commission.

She is running as an Independent candidate and hopes to address the anomaly that is, in the history of the State, only two women were ever elected on this NUI panel.

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