Passage West must keep Garda Station says Council and JPC

The Passage West Town Council and Joint Policing Committee have written to the Minister for Justice, outlining their concerns.

” To the Minister for Justice

The members of Passage West Town Council and Joint Policing Committee call on the Minister for Justice to retain the Garda station in Passage West after the review of stations currently underway.

The population of Passage West has more than doubled in the last decade and this was allowed to happen because of the services available in the town. The removal of the Garda station would be a serious blow to those services and would lead to a loss of valuable local policing knowledge which has been built up over many years.

The over all crime levels in the town and its hinterland are low and this is no doubt due to that local knowledge and the trust which the community places in its local Gardaí.

A recent public meeting of our Joint Policing Committee was attended and addressed by a large number of members of the public all of whom expressed their concern for the retention of a Garda station in the town.

We enclose a petition signed in various locations throughout the town over the last three weeks which has in excess of 1,300 signatures in support of this campaign.

We await your reply,

The Members of Passage West Town Council”

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