Revenue Seize 12,000 Litres of Diesel

The Revenue Custom’s Service today, (25/08/12) seized 12,000 litres of suspected laundered diesel outside Cork City.

The discovery was made when Revenue officials carried out a search of a garage premises in a town outside Cork City. 10,000 litres of the product were discovered concealed in a curtain-sided lorry in 10*1,000 litre containers. The lorry and the containers were seized. A further 2,000 litres of the product were seized from the premises.

An Irish national and a Lithuanian national were taken for questioning.

A file is being prepared for the DPP.

This operation is part of Revenue’s ongoing activities to tackle fuel fraud. Revenue would like to remind motorists and the public that they should be aware of the risks posed to their vehicles by using laundered fuel. It also takes much needed funds from the Exchequer; hurts legitimate trade and of course it is funding criminal activity.

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