Glashaboy River to be cleaned

Cork County Council has appointed contractors to carry out a major clean up of the Glashaboy River in the Sarsfields Court area near Glanmire. The works, costing in the region of €50,000 will commence on Monday and will take about two weeks.

There is one major obstruction and four lesser but still significant obstructions in the river. There are also some large dead trees and other debris lying on the floodplain. The obstructions have an estimated combined quantity of 150 tonnes, and consist of scaffolding planks, pallets, deadwood and other debris. ****

Removal of the material will be challenging, as access to this location is difficult, given the steep river valley terrain. The sheer volume of the obstructions is also an issue, as works will have to be organised to minimise the risk of material being swept downstream.

However, it is hoped to salvage much of the wood which will be delivered in suitable lots to the St Vincent De Paul organisation’s depot in Blackpool for distribution as firewood.

Inland Fisheries, the Forestry Service and National Parks & Wildlife Service had no objections to the works going ahead.

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