New parking initiatives will boost trading in Cork city centre

Cork Business Association fully supports Cork City Council’s announcement on 8th October to implement a number of parking initiatives that will encourage consumers into the city centre, and boost trade for struggling businesses. > > > Cork City Council and Cork Business Association have been working closely together on this initiative over the past few months and the proposed result is that a structure will be put in place in conjunction with the business sector that will directly benefit customers of the city’s retailing and hospitality sector by linking customer spend to incentivized parking. > > > The parking initiative will be rolled out for 6 weeks from 22 October, which is an increase of 2 weeks from 2011. The Park and Ride at the Kinsale road will also be free every Saturday for 6 weeks from 27 October to encourage and attract families to the city centre, and private car park owners will be invited by Cork City Council and Cork Business Association to do their part in the lead up to Christmas to encourage people into the city centre to visit, dine and shop. > > > Commenting on the announcement, Tom Durcan, President of Cork Business Association, said, “This news is beneficial for consumers and traders alike. We are delighted by Cork City Council’s continued support for parking initiatives, which were a huge boost to the city last year, and hope that this will ignite an increase in trading in the city centre before Christmas.” > > > Cork Business Association is also currently working with their members, who include retailers, hoteliers, restaurants and bars in the city centre, on a marketing campaign that will include thousands of euros worth of giveaways to promote all that Cork city has to offer. The campaign will focus on the city as a key shopping destination and aims to drive footfall and provide a further stimulus to trade in the months running up to Christmas.

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